Bale trailer

Choosing a bale trailer is, like everything else, something that must be determined by your requirements.

Here at Kellfri you can take your time, have a look at various models and see which bale trailer suits you best. How big are the areas you want to cover, how many bales will you transport, and how far? Just between the field and the farm, or an additional transshipment to deliver to customers during the year? Depending on whether you drive on the road or not, you should take load safety into account. Safety is always important, but even more important if you are taking your rig out onto the road.

Our 12-18 tonne bale trailers are of generous dimensions and strength. There are different functions such as sides and different load capacities. Bale trailers are used by both professional operations and amateur farmers, and satisfied customers are our best references.

The choice is yours! Do you want to save time, money and the environment too by transporting a large number of bales at a time, or do you prefer to take it easy and make a number trips just because you have the time and the inclination? We have created to suit your needs!

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