Protect your car against sun, rain and snow with a carport.

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A strong all-steel carport

• Strong, stable frame
• Corrugated metal roof
• 10 legs with bottom steel beam
• 111 kg total weight
• Frame 5 x 5 cm, ø 1.5 mm

With a 5 x 5 cm steel frame and underlying beams, it is ideal for fixing in the ground by means of the bolt holes located immediately above the beam. This means that the carport cannot overturn or be blown away. The metal roof is attached to each roof truss with special screws for optimal durability in snow and windy conditions.

The width of 3.8 metres gives you plenty of space around the car when you get out of it.

There is also tape to make the roof quieter and more waterproof, instead of metal against metal.

With this carport, your car or other vehicle has the best protection against UV, snow and rain. 

There are strong struts from the legs to each roof truss to cope with the weight of snow, etc. In this way, the weight is transferred from the roof to the ground.

IMPORTANT! Remember to follow the manual during assembly. We recommend that you always fix your carport on plinths or on a concrete slab, so that it will stand firmly and not damage your car in the event of an accident.

More Information
L x W x H 5500 x 3800 x 2600 mm
Frame tubular pipe 50 x 50 mm
Tubular pipe dimension 1.5 mm
Weight 111 kg