Hedge trimmer double pump for 3-point linkage

Hedge trimmer with arm for assembly on the tractor's three-point linkage.

With arm for mounting on the tractor's three-point linkage or for frontloader with pallet forks

• L x W x H: 44 x 130 x 254 cm
• Working width 160 cm
• Reach: height 550 cm, horizontal 480 cm
• Oil quantity 20 l/min
• Weight 223 kg

For trimming hedges, clearing the edges of fields and road maintenance. This hedge trimmer is suitable for cutting leaves, twigs and smaller branches. Cuts branches up to 35 mm in diameter.

The hedge trimmer is supplied complete with tank, double pump and valve block package, plus lever kit with Teleflex wire for controlling the hedge trimmer from inside the cab.

The 'lever kit' that you lift into the cab is small and flexible, as the valve is on the hedge trimmer and is controlled by means of the Teleflex wire, which is connected to the valve block package from the levers. 

The hedge trimmer's hydraulics are operated by means of a double pump positioned on the tractor's power take-off. Working speed is 540 rpm. This means that there is no need for large flows from the tractor, and the hedge trimmer is suitable for those with a small tractor with a PTO. When using this hedge trimmer, it is important to remember to adjust the operation to the weight of the tractor. We recommend the use of a tractor weighing about 1500 kg so that you can operate the crane in its outermost positions.

The crane and the arm on which the cutting unit sits reach 5.5 metres up into the air and 4.8 metres horizontally outwards from the tractor.

Thanks to the hedge trimmer's smart design and ergonomics, it can trim on both sides of the tractor. If you use it on the tractor's three-point linkage, it has a full movement pattern on the tractor's right-hand side, but more limited movement on the tractor's left-hand side. The hedge trimmer can also trim below ground level, which means it works well in ditches and under your electric fence.

The working width is 1600 mm, with specially manufactured blades for the best trimming results. The cutting head is also fitted with a guard at both ends to give good cutting performance and to protect the cutterbar.

Thanks to the design of the trimmer, a simple tractor with 25-40 hp is sufficient.

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Product no. 35-HRT1602