Rotary disc mower 2.0 m

Rotary disc mower with five oval rotary discs and 2.0 m working width.

Mower, 2.0 m with five oval rotary discs

 For tractors with 50 and more
 5 oval rotary discs
 For three-point linkages category 1 and 2
 Adjustable relief springs
 Cutter bar with gliding plates

A rotary disc mower is a gentle tool for harvesting the pasture

Kellfri’s rotary mower gently harvests grass from your field without damaging roots of the mowed culture. This increases efficiency and the probability of a good crop at next mowing.

This machine is specifically designed for grass surfaces and should not be use on stony terrain. For mowing rough terrain, we instead recommend Kellfri Flail mowers.

Our FDM200 rotary disc mower is a practical tool for simply mowing grass for feed or hay. The rotary disc mower is designed and adapted to enable you to slightly larger pastures gently and effectively. This rotary disc mower has a working width of 2.0 m and is adapted for tractors from 50 hp.

The mower is equipped with five oval rotary discs that cut the grass effectively, with better cutting performance that gives good growth. There are two raised rotary discs with guide blades in each outer edge, which raise the throughflow speed and ensure that the crop flows freely without interruption. Individual skids under each disc protect the bar, which lies well balanced and very lightly against the ground. The cutting height is 0-100 mm and the row width is 1000 – 1700 mm. 

The rotary disc mower is fitted with a protective cover over the whole cutter bar, protecting both the tractor and the surroundings from stone chipping and grass spray. The protective frame around the cutter bar is constructed of a single frame which gives stable support to the entire protective frame and protective cover. The protective frame can also be folded open during maintenance.

The cutter bar is fitted with gliding plates at both ends. The bar is set at 90° in transport mode and can if necessary be lowered to 10°.

Collision protection, relief springs and hydraulic raising

The machine is equipped with a stone ejector as collision protection, which ejects backwards at an angle in order to reduce stresses in a collision.

Adjustable relief springs relieve the pressure of the rotor beam against the ground to minimise damage to the ground.

The rotary disc mower has a hydraulic raising function with a manual lock for a secure transport mode. The transport width is no wider than the tractor.

Geometrical and powerful energy transmission from PTO to beam by means of ventilated belt drive and bevel gear.

Supplied with PTO drive shaft and transmission oil. The rotary disc mower requires one double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. Two hydraulic ½ inch quick coupling male hoses.

Some images and video show Rotary disc mower 2.4 m.

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