Verge flail mower lightweight, 1.45 m

Light and versatile slope mower for small tractors, 1.45 m working width.
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Light and efficient verge flail mower for smaller tractors

• Hydraulic side shift adjustment and cutting head tilt
• 24 hammer flails
• Low weight (300 kg)
• Fits tractors with 25 hp or more

The SKL145 is lightweight and requires little power, yet is as high-performance as its bigger brothers and sisters. You control the side shift adjustment and the cutting head tilt angle from the tractor, giving you the option to cut verges at the road side or tidy up feeding enclosures using the machine.

The cutting head tilt angle is controlled from the tractor.

The verge flail mower can be angled 90° upwards and 50° downwards, giving you plenty of flexibility. Fitted with 24 hard-wearing hammer flails; a sturdy support roller at the rear ensures the right cutting height and close proximity to the ground.

24 hard-wearing hammer flails.

Powerful supporting roller at rear.

The verge flail mower requires two double-acting hydraulic outlets on the tractor. The verge flail mower has four hydraulic ½ inch male hoses.

Supplied with PTO drive shaft and transmission oil.

Product requires assembly.

You can watch a film about our lightweight verge flail mower here

More Information
Working width1,450 mm
Power requirement25-50 hp
Operating speed6-12 km/h
L x W x H1,650 mm x 1,450 mm x 605 mm
Flailsx 24
Three-point connectionCat. 1
RPM540 rpm
Weight300 kg