Road scraper 3-blade for TV07PRO with weight box

Road scraper 3-blade incl. weight box for tipping trailer TV07PRO.

Road scraper 3-blade for TV07 with weight box

The road scraper is a complete accessory for our 23-TV07 tipping trailer, which enables you to convert your tipping trailer into a road scraper. This makes the tipping trailer a versatile tool on the farm.

The road scraper is attached with the associated device under your tipping trailer, and the 3 toothed blades give you a road scraper that distributes the material neatly and evenly. This means that you get a trailer that not only loads and tips but also tidies up and evens out your roads.

The road scraper is hot-dip galvanised, and has a solid frame in sections and U-profiles to hold the blades in place.

The road scraper is lifted and adjusted with the winch on your forestry trailer crane.

The scraper includes a weight box, which is a frame where you can put a small pallet or plate that you can later put weights on. The ideal laden weight for normal hard surfaces is approx. 50 kg. The scraper should not be loaded over 100 kg.

The road scraper is attached to your ATV or another vehicle with a 50 mm ball coupling with the aid of a 50 mm tow bar ball hitch. The weight box ensures that the weight remains even during the entire work process.

Weight: 85 kg

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Product no. 23-TV07V3