Tipping and forestry trailer ATV PRO

Tipping trailer with manuel winch for quads/ATVs with both tipping floor and bolsters.

An ideal multi-purpose trailer which can be used for all jobs around the farm

• Delivers with yellow brake hand winch
• Removable insert floor with 2 mm plate
• Galvanized plate 
• 4 x fold-down bolsters
• 2 adjustable side stabilisers for use during loading
• 1 parking jack for tow bar, adjustable by means of crank
• Crane tower attachment can be adjusted

Removable insert floor

With the floor fitted, you can transport loose material. The floor has a 2 mm plate. The sheet metal pattern gives extra carrying capacity with low dead weight. Patterned sheet metal provides better protection against slipping, better water run-off than smooth sheet metal and it is more resistant to pointed loads. Attach the winch to the eyelet in the front edge of the floor to tip it. Front side and tailgate are removable.

When you want to switch from transporting loose materials with the floor to using the trailer as a forestry trailer, just remove two pins and slide off the floor. The bolsters can be folded down to minimise the lifting height when loading timber.

3 stabilisers ensure that the trailer remains stable when hitching and unhitching it to/from a towing vehicle and during loading and unloading. The stabilisers fitted to the trailer's headboard can be raised, lowered and extended laterally.

The entire trailer is made of galvanized metal sheet, making it much more durable and gives it a longer life. Delivers with yellow brake hand winch.

Our ATV forestry trailer has many advantages:

• Bogie, removable sides and headboard to accommodate different lengths of timber
• Three stabilisers, one adjustable with crank for hitching and unhitching the trailer, two adjustable in the trailer's front to stabilise the rig during loading and unloading
• Powerful chassis and bolsters for heavy loading with v-shaped bogie for best possible accessibility
• Removable insert floor for users who transport loose material and timber, floor has 2 mm tread plate
• Eyelet in front edge of floor for tipping with winch and high tipping angle
• Detachable flaps at front and back of floor

• Crane tower attachment can be adjusted
• Stable headboard to prevent load displacement
• Stable fold-down bolsters
• Rotatable tow bar ball hitch for 50 mm ball coupling
• The crane can be rotated through 360° for optimal reach
• Boom length is adjustable from 160 to 220 cm
• Crane tip height is adjusted with lifting arm pins in three positions
• Powerful manuel winch lifts 250 kg

Trailer supplied unassembled.

On some videos the trailer is shown equipped with bolster kit. You can find the bolster kit here.

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Product no. 23-TV07PRO
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