Bale grapple BG2002 with attachment to fit Trima

Bale grapple with attachment to fit Trima, with or without parallel operation.

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Kellfri's best-selling bale grapple is now even better!

• We recommend the BG2002 bale grapple if you want a manoeuvrable grapple which is gentle on bales
• Lifts round bales weighing up to 1,200 kg
• The design of the grapple means that the bale is gripped in the best possible way and only exposed to rounded material, protecting it from unnecessary damage.
• By simply loosening a bolt, you can decide whether to use parallel operation or not
• Strong design and frame

At Kellfri we have the best experience in bale handling, with thousands of customers as our best recommendation.

This basic version of the bale grapple is designed for farms that want to work effectively with a manoeuvrable grapple, where time is the only limiting factor. The extra rod in the design and a strong frame make this bale grapple a big brother in the class that offers the best grip on bales.

The bale grapple's design eliminates unnecessary damage to wrapped bales. The grapple arms consist of tubular piping without joints, and the frame attachment is manufactured from strong, rigid, hot-rolled square profiles with rounded corners. This design means that the bale is exposed only to rounded material, which protects the bale from unnecessary damage.

The grapple arms work in parallel, which makes the tractor operator's loading work easier. The clamping force is sufficient for even the heaviest of bales, and the parallel rod enables the two grapple arms to clamp together with the pressure evenly distributed over the bale. The bale grapple requires a double-acting outlet on the tractor. If you want to work without the parallel operation function, it's simply a matter of loosening a bolt.

The Kellfri grapple is an excellent choice for you if you put a premium on bale handling at its best. Also suitable for square bales. For perfect results in handing square bales, we recommend our Square Bale Grapple click here.

We also have attachments to fit Euro click here, Ålö click here , crane attachment click here and 3-point linkage click here.

Additional equipment:
- Small BM attachment click here or large BM attachment click here
- Hydraulic cylinder for working pressure under 110 bar.

More Information
Connection nipples ½'' pipe thread
Working pressure at max. 175 bar 70/40 - 300
Bale size 800 - 1,800 mm
Bale weight max 1,200 kg