Bale grapple BG3000, Euro

Bale grapple with Euro attachment
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A bale grapple for those wishing to work with both precision and strength!

• The Bale grapple BG3000 can handle 1,000s of bales
• Precision is the BG3000 bale grapple's middle name.
• Lifts both round and square bales weighing up to 1,200 kg
• Individual arms prevent damage to other bales when stacking
• For those with major demands when it comes to functionality and performance -

The second-generation bale grapple allows you to carry out many perfect lifts. Suitable for those who produce a large number of wrapped bales or who simply want the functionality of bale grapple arms working independently of each other without parallel operation. As the bale arms operate independently of each other, it gives you better precision and bales that are not centred in the grapple can be lifted without scratching the plastic along the ground and risk making holes.

The grapple has a robust design without sharp edges, the grapple arms have a compact tubular construction with round corners that offer soft contact with the bales. A powerful low frame makes it easy to survey the work. A hydraulic cylinder with a check valve guarantees that the bales remain in the grapple during transport.

The bale grapple requires a double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. The bale grapple is supplied with two hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses and with an attachment that fits Euro.

We also have an attachment that fits Trima click here.

Additional equipment: Large BM attachment click here.
More Information
Working pressure min. 150 bar
Bale size 700 - 1,600 mm
Bale weight max 1,200 kg
Weight 253 kg