Construction & Workshop

A constantly growing product category where we gather tools and accessories for those who maintain, repair or build.

A warm workshop, good coffee, rainy weather outside and a creative feeling in the body equals quality time for the handyman, or there's a torrent of swearing when something needs to be repaired quickly.

Whatever the situation, good tools and the right equipment do half the job.

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  1. Cement mixer 800 l
    Cement mixer 800 l
    Tractor-operated cement mixer with mixing volume of 800 litres, incl. PTO shaft
  2. Waste bag, 3000 l
    Waste bag, 3000 l

    Big bag 2.4 x 1.3 x 1.0 m, perfect for carrying garden and construction site waste.

  3. Sand bag 33 l
    Sand bag 33 l

    Sand bags for e.g. covering silage pits and flood prevention.

3 Items

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