Kellfri uses cookies in order to estimate visitors and traffic. Kellfri then uses this information in order to improve and develop Kellfri's website. Kellfri uses the following cookies:

Persistent cookies

These remain during several visits to the website. Persistent cookies enable Kellfri to identify anonymous repeated visitors to the website. Persistent cookies create a file with specific information such as how the user entered the website, which pages the user visits, how the user navigates the website and which options the user clicks into. This helps us to improve the website. For persistent cookies and methods of analysing them, we use Google Analytics. Please note that Kellfri does not collect any personal information that directly identifies your name or address.

Sessions cookies

Sessions cookies are removed automatically after each visit, and make it easier for you to perform activities on the website by, for example, remembering field entries in forms that recur during your use of the website. Sessions cookies disappear immediately when you close your browser session.

Third party cookies

When a user visits a website which contains embedded content (e.g. Facebook), cookies from these websites may be stored. Kellfri has no control over these cookies. Please visit the particular third party websites to manage your settings connected with third party cookies.

The following third party cookies are used on the website: Criteo och Google Analytics.

How do you avoid cookies?

If you wish to use the entire Kellfri website, we recommend that cookies are installed. If you disable a cookie that has been installed, you can probably continue to surf on the website, but certain functions may then have been disabled.

You can easily remove cookies from your computer, tablet or mobile by going into your web browser (e.g. Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer). Instructions on what to do in order to remove cookies can be found under the 'Help' option in the web browser.

Bear in mind that if you choose to remove cookies in your web browser, this decision will only apply to the web browser you are using. You will need to follow the same procedure for all other web browsers you use. Bear in mind, too, that if there are separate user accounts for a computer, tablet or mobile in a household, you can tailor your cookie settings for each account.

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