Feeding flap

It's easy to feed your horses in the horse stall by means of an openable feeding flap.
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Flexible feeding by means of a feeding flap in the front of the horse stall

By simply sawing out and fixing a feeding flap in the front of the stall, you can feed your horses from the aisle. Because you don't need to open the stall door whenever you want to give your horse feed concentrate, you save time and improve safety.

You can easily prepare for the next feed by turning the feed trough out into the aisle and then turning back the feeding flap when it's time to feed. No need to prepare in buckets placed all over the floor.

The feeding flap is hot-dip galvanised and fits all Kellfri's horse stalls.

Panelling and feed trough not included.

The ideal solution if you want to increase safety and efficiency in the stable.
More Information
Height Frame: 461 mm
Flap: 360 mm
Length Frame: 667 mm
Flap: 424 mm