Firewood sack 1,500 l for Hydro pallets

Disposable mesh sack for firewood 1,500 l, 225 x 140 cm, 10 pcs

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Firewood sack 1,500 l for Hydro pallets

1.5 m³ disposable mesh sack for firewood, fits Hydro pallets, for simple handling and storage of firewood. String adjustment at both ends for adjustment of sack bottom as well as drawstring at top of the sack after filling provides a more stable sack. The firewood sack is UV-treated.

Using the 13-VSSEUHP filling stand accessory, the sacks are filled with the right shape and right volume.

The sacks are sold to be filled with your own firewood.

The sacks are sold in complete packs of 10 pcs.

More Information
L x W x H W x H 2,250 x 1,400 mm
Weight 280 g
Volume 1,500 l