Wheeled grass trimmer

Keep both easy- and hard-to-reach places clear of grass, weeds and saplings 

Get great results fast by using a powerful trimmer on wheels

• Smooth to operate, thanks to its large wheels
• Adjustable cutting height with 5 positions
• Updated with Euro 5 motor
• Petrol-driven, single-cylinder, 4-stroke
• Cutting width 560 mm

A valued assistant on many farms

A grass trimmer on wheels, which helps you keep things tidy in places you can't reach with a grass mower. A welcome tool on many farms, in stables, property management services, gardens and parks.

Trim alongside buildings, under fences and electric fences, next to and around poles and trees. You could make a long list of areas where saplings and other unwanted vegetation grow. Kellfri's grass trimmer, with its narrow high wheels, allows you to use it even in slightly tougher environments, as the wheels smoothly compensate for irregularities in the surface. The 14" wheels also make the trimmer easier to handle and give you more precise trimming.

Ergonomics and power

A grass trimmer on wheels is a unique combination of grass cutter and trimmer. Unlike a normal hip-carried trimmer, this trimmer on wheels is much kinder to your back and spinal discs, as it requires less twisting and turning. It also has more power than the great majority of hip-carried trimmers on the market, as it is petrol-driven and has the latest Step 5 engine.


The grass trimmer has 5 adjustable cutting height positions so that you can adapt it to your particular terrain.
The trimmer is operated by means of the handle where, among other things, the coupling and safety bar are fitted. The safety bar, also known as the dead man's grip, must be pressed down in order for the grass trimmer to be operated. This is for reasons of safety. With a cutting width of 560 mm covered by a side guard, it clears green areas efficiently, ergonomically and safely.

Tip! Trim all areas you cannot reach using your grass trimmer on wheels with our battery-powered grass trimmer and/or clearing saw.

Watch the film in which our previous model shows how it works efficiently in a number of different areas. The model shown here has been updated with performance improvements - with the new Step 5 engine, for example.

The trimmer wire is easy to replace by fixing with a clamp. (See detailed illustrations.)

As with all Kellfri products, it is important to follow the safety information and instruction manual, and to use common sense. This will enable you to use your trimmer with pleasure for many years.

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Product no. 27-FT251