Grass trimmer on wheels

Trim all the areas you cannot reach with the grass mower.

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Save your back by using a trimmer on wheels

• Working width 40-50 cm
• 5.5 hp motor
• Adjustable handle
• 35 cm large wheels
• Cutting head 22 cm
• Trimmer wire: length 546 mm x thickness 4 mm

A trimmer on wheels, which helps you to keep things tidy in those places you can't reach with the grass mower, e.g. next to building foundations, under fences, pens and around trees.

Unlike a normal hip-carried trimmer, this trimmer on wheels is much kinder to the back and the spinal discs. You avoid the unnecessary twists and turns which are so harmful to your back.

The trimmer wire is easy to replace by fixing with a clamp.

Easy replacement of trimmer wire.

The large wheels make it incredibly easy to manoeuvre. Adjustable handle and clutch system.

Smooth to operate, thanks to its large wheels.

Watch a video about our versatile grass trimmer on wheels!

More Information
Working width 400-500 mm
Wheel width 350 mm ø
L x W x H 900 x 550 x 550 mm
Length Trimmer wire 546 mm (thickness 4 mm)
Engine 5.5 hp
Oil tank 0.5 l
Tank Petrol 0.9 l
Weight 34 kg