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Finding the right groundcare machine for your needs can be a challenge.

Groundcare machines can be used for everything from topping pastures to mowing grass, cutting saplings, and trimming hedges. The first step is working out which tasks you want to carry out with your machine.

Tip! Will you be using a tractor or an ATV? This determines the choice of your groundcare machine. The advantage of a tractor is that it is considerably stronger than an ATV. On the other hand, connecting a groundcare machine to an ATV is easier.

Pasture topper

Kellfri’s pasture toppers are effective for mowing both large and small pastures. Whichever machine you choose, you will have a sturdy machine with good durability, strength, and stability.

Our pasture toppers have:

2.75 m working width
3 rotors, 6 blades
Height adjustable wear skids

In Kellfri’s range there are two pasture toppers to choose from:  a lighter pasture topper adapted for varying terrain and a heavier, tiltable version suitable for flat surfaces which can also be used as a verge flail mower.

Tip! The first trimming should be done early in the season when the grass is fast-growing.

Park mowers

Is your pasture smooth and even? If so, a park mower may be the right choice for you. The park mower turns your tractor into an efficient lawn mower. The large working width optimizes the use of the tractor with a cutting width of 1.8 metres.

Our park mowers:

Have a simple construction
Have grease lubricated bearings
Are easy to clean

Tip! Are you trying to decide between a machine that is driven by rotors and one with a blade shaft? Keep in mind that a machine driven by rotors mows grass efficiently but is not as good at clearing saplings. If you need to cut vegetation that is overgrown, choose a machine that is driven by a blade shaft.


With a strimmer, you can trim grass under electric fencing, preventing it from reaching the fence and reducing the voltage. Kellfri’s strimmer with hydraulic side shift adjustment and spring-loaded cutting disc is suitable for efficiently trimming edges under fencing and along buildings and roadsides.

Our strimmers:

 Have powerful blades that can cope with tough vegetation
Have a large number of setting options
 Fit many tractor sizes

Flail mower

Versatility is the strength of the flail mower. A flail mower can both mow pastures and clear saplings on overgrown grounds.

Kellfri has a range of 11 flail mowers from 1.05 metres to 2.8 metres. For optimal efficiency, choose a flail mower with a width that fits according to the size of your grounds

The flail mowers are equipped with hammer flails, Y-flails are available if you want to replace the H-flails on the machine.

We recommend the W series for hobby farmers who need a reliable and affordable machine, while the X series is suitable for anyone who needs the extra power for larger areas. All groundcare machines in the X-series are equipped with SKF ball-bearings, one of the best ball- bearings on the market.

Tip!  The heavier hammer flails are better suited for clearing saplings, while the Y-flails are more suitable for grass and rocky pastures.

Verge flail mowers

A verge flail mower helps you to mow areas such as slopes and ditches in hard-to-reach places which your tractor cannot reach. Verge flail mowers resemble regular pasture toppers. The verge flail mower is also ideal for clearing saplings from forest roads.

In Kellfri’s range, you’ll find verge flail mowers suitable for smaller tractors of 25 hp up to tractors with 100 hp. 

Tip! Before purchasing, check the horsepower rating of your tractor or ATV. After that you can match the horsepower with the strength and width of the groundcare machine of your need. If you connect a machine that is too powerful onto a weaker tractor, the tractor will not be able to pull the machine. On the other hand, If the groundcare machine has significantly less horsepower than the tractor, the machine will overspeed.

Chain mulchers

Do you have overgrown land that needs a supersized pasture topper? If so, Kellfri recommends a chain mulcher. The machine’s powerful chains can even cope with the toughest vegetation and can withstand collisions with stones and stumps better than machines with blades or flails.

Our chain mulcher has:

• 160 cm working width
• Powerful chains that can clear even the toughest vegetation
• Robust cutting head construction


Kellfris breda utbud av harvar passar såväl till gröna gräsytor som till grusade ridbanor. De jämnar också till marker med viltskador från till exempel vildsvin eller grävlingar. En harv är en riktigt bra investering eftersom den både luftar trötta marker och motverkar tuvbildning.

I sortimentet finns allt från mindre harvmattor på 1,3 meters bredd till större gräsharvar på 6 meter.

Tips! Låt antalet hektar avgöra valet av gräsytemaskin. Om du har många hektar, välj en robust och kraftfull grönytemaskin med högre kapacitet. Du spar tid och kan bli mer kostnadseffektiv genom att välja en bredare grönytemaskin.


Kellfri’s wide range of harrows are suitable for both green grasslands and graveled paddocks. They can also smooth out fields damaged by wildlife. A harrow is a very good investment, as it both aerates tired ground and counteracts growth of tussocks.

The Kellfri range includes everything from smaller harrow mats of 1.3 metres width to larger grassland harrows of 6 metres.

Tip! Let the size of your grounds determine your choice of groundcare machine. If you have a larger piece of land, choose a robust and powerful machine with a higher capacity. You will save time and choosing a wider machine can be more cost-effective.

Rotary cultivators

With a rotary cultivator you can mix substrates, prepare seed beds, cultivate, or effectively process soil. Kellfri has rotary cultivators for both small and large tractors. Choose between working widths 135-210 cm.

Our rotary cultivators have:

• Chain or pinion drive in an oil bath
• PTO drive shaft with shear pin
• Adjustable working depth

Rotary disc mowers

You will efficiently harvest your grass and hay with our rotary disc mowers.

Kellfri has a wide range of rotary disc mowers suitable for both small and large pastures. For a smaller tractor, around 35 hp, we recommend the FDM160 rotary disc mower, and for medium-sized tractors of around 50 hp and over, the FDM200 rotary disc mower is a good choice. Our largest 2.4 metre rotary disc mower is suitable for tractors with 60 hp and up.

Tip! A fertiliser spreader will help to give the season a kick start. Kellfri offers a strong fertiliser spreader with a spreading width of 6 to 14 metres.

And lastly

Ask for help! A groundcare machine is a big investment. Your Kellfri dealer can help you choose the right machine for you and your needs.