Hen house AGDA including enclosure

Large XL hen house for you if you have large broods.

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Large hen house with large enclosure and nesting box. FSC CERTIFIED.

Large XL hen house for you if you have large broods, around 2 to 13, and want to give them a cosy home. A hen house that will last a long time and is easy to look after. Made of European spruce. 


• L x W x H: 2000 x 1381 x 1546 mm For further dimensions see images.


Cleaning system: Simple to clean - you can pull out a compartment in the side of the hen house.
• Openable and lockable roof: The roof can be opened completely, making it easier to take hens out or clean the hen house.
• Position: We recommend placing the hen house on a concrete slab, planks or other material. This protects the underneath of the hen house from getting wet. It can of course also be placed directly on a lawn, gravel, etc.
• Hatches: The entrance hatch is slidable and the hatch to the nesting box is closed with a hook.
• Access ramp: There is a good access ramp so that the hens can easily go up and down to the nest.
 Enclosure: A fine enclosure for the hens to move about safely out of doors.


• Made of high-quality, FSC labelled European spruce.
• Should preferably be oiled with any wood oil to last longer and better stand up to outdoor use.
• The roof is made of waterproof plastic/rubber.
• The hen house is not insulated for winter use.

 For greater durability

• Oil the hen house/enclosure with wood oil for outdoor use.
• The oil gives the hen house/enclosure better resistance to rain, dampness, snow etc.

More Information
Width 1381 mm
Height 1546 mm
Length 2000 mm