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Correctly maintaining your groundcare machine can double its service life. Tony Andersson from Kellfri’s technical support offers tips on how to ensure your machine lasts for many years to come.

Lubricate frequently!

Groundcare machines do not last forever, and regular maintenance is paramount. We suggest investing in a grease cartridge and a grease gun and following the lubrication points mentioned in the manual. If your machine has been left unused in a barn for several years, the grease will have solidified. New oil and grease are necessary to ensure that the bearings are in top shape and lubricated correctly.

Tip! If you follow the service schedule, you can be sure that the oil has the grade needed for a long-lasting machine.

Keep your ears open while the engine is running

Do you hear a shrill or piercing sound? Or perhaps a popping or knocking noise that does not seem normal? Stop and check for damage immediately, it can save the machine. There might have been a string or barbed wire in the grass that got caught in your pasture topper.  So, pay attention and keep your ears open.

Rinse off your machine after use

Make it a habit to rinse off your garden machinery immediately after use. It is easier to notice faults or damage when the machine is clean. Each time you use your garden machine, grass gets caught on it and inside it. Wet grass will damage the paintwork and cause rust over time. Cleaning the machine after use will prevent this.

Did you know? Grass and dirt dampen noise, making it harder to hear if anything is wrong.

A little extra care

Check the machine before and after use. You will notice if anything is wrong. Before use, keep an eye out for loose parts or screws. Everything should be firmly attached and look clean and intact.

If sudden stall still occurs, you should contact your nearest dealer. They can help you with technical support.

Technical manual

Support for Kellfri owners. This manual offers you some fundamental knowledge of mechanical terms and procedures.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to get the most out of our products and equipment.

Read the technical manual here.


By following the manual and applying a safety mindset, you will ensure the safe use of your Kellfri product for many years to come.

Find your Kellfri manual here.

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