2-blade, 2 m road drag.

High blades and proven cutting angles provide optimum scraping results.

2-blade road drag with a wheel which is adjustable to seven heights

• Working width 200 cm
• Height from frame base to ground 21 cm
• Length including gravel spreader 420 cm
• Three-point linkage cat. 2
• Wheel adjustable to seven heights

Simple and stable design for three-point linkage on tractors.
Working width of 2 metres, recommended road width 3.5 m. High blades with proven cutting angles provide a very good scraping result.

The gravel spreader is equipped with a wheel adjustable to seven heights, which ensures spreading on the rake. Extra steerable stone-repelling wing on the rake, good for removing larger material.
With Z-cut for optimal operation and resistance. The upper edge prevents material from going over the blade and the lower edge is bent backwards for optimal strength. The drag has a strong hollow structural section which makes it stable during operation.
Supplied complete with load box. Load with heavy weight e.g. a large stone, for better results on hard road surfaces.



Here you can see a film about our 2 m road drag


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Product no. 37-V200