Log skidder sledge ATV

The log skidder sledge ATV for safe transportation of logs and which is kind to the forest.

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Log skidder sledge ATV - Like a weasel in the forest – transport the logs safely and carefully.

• Working width 770 cm
• Spring-loaded tow bar
• 12 notches
• Thickness 0.5 cm

There are many benefits to using a log skidder or logging sled as it is also called. Avoid logs slipping off or getting stuck against different obstacles in the forest such as rocks, trees or stumps. As the log skidder sledge ATV easily glides along the ground, damage to the forest is also reduced by using this equipment.

The shape of the front edge means that it follows the ground, it moves in an extremely flexible way over or around stumps and rocks without getting stuck. The spikes make sure the logs remain in place.

The log skidder sledge ATV is used to pull one or more logs or trees at once. You place one end of the log on the skidder, wind the wire around the log or logs, and then insert the wire in the skidder's wire groove and start winching in the timber.

The log skidder sledge ATV comes with spring-loaded tow bar for operating in steep inclines, but it also dampens transport on uneven ground and makes operating smoother. The spring is compressed when braking and takes up the weight of the load, making operating the skidder safer.

When the job is finished, the skidder is easily unloaded and transported on, for instance, an ATV's load rack in front of the handlebars. 

Robust and durable, easy to rinse clean after use. Can also be used when hunting to transport quarry.

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L x W x H 1,750 x 770 x 450 mm
Weight 36 kg