Tractor 35 hp 4wd with cab

35 hp tractor with cab and four wheel drive from Lovol.

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Tractor 35 hp 4wd with cab from Lovol

Standard equipment which lasts for longer:

• Cab in modern design with heater
• Fully glazed windows for a better view
• With insulated carpet which produces a more comfortable sound level
• Suspended pedals make it easy to get in and out
• Ergonomically positioned controls
• Sprung Grammer seat for better comfort
• Calix engine heater for a gentler cold start
• Trelleborg tyres at the front for better pulling force and carrying capacity

Large tractor in small format

Lovol’s compact new tractor with 35 hp engine ensures that the work gets done, regardless of whether it is on the farm or in the forest. The tractor is perfect for cutting pasture, forestry work and snow clearing during the winter. Together with Kellfri's forestry trailer for ATVs, you don't just get a helping hand in the forest, but also a perfect rig for thinning operations. You can fit extra equipment on your tractor with a frontloader, which makes it possible to both lift and move bales and heavy bags.

The tractor has high ground clearance which allows you to pass over uneven ground with no problems and with four-wheel drive as standard, you are guaranteed to get through regardless of ground conditions.

The tractor is registered as a vehicle, ECC-certified and approved to drive on public roads.

The cab

The cab is equipped with extra large, fully glazed doors and windows for a better view in all directions. As driver you thus have a better check on your surroundings. The insulated carpet makes it additionally comfortable and suspended pedals enable you to easily get in and out of the tractor. The integrated work lights both front and rear enable you to see well even when working in darkness.

The cab has wiper blades, heaters and a versatile sun shield, which facilitate work in both sun, rain and cold weather.

The cab also gives you full control of what is happening externally on the tractor. Easily accessible hydraulic levers as well as group- and 1-4 gear levers are located on the right of the operator seat. The forward/back lever is located to the left of the steering wheel for simple handling.

Ergonomically designed and sprung Grammer seat which keeps the back steady when driving on uneven surfaces. The seat is also equipped with a seat belt.

Fit extra equipment on your tractor with a frontloader and you will have even more uses for your tractor.

Extra equipment can be fitted on your tractor which increases its functionality. With a frontloader you can move bales, bags and other loose material simply and conveniently. Parallel operation, which adjusts the height when lifting, enables you to maintain the equipment at a constant angle. Furthermore, the tractor is equipped with a separate third hydraulic function for all external equipment which require hydraulics. The frontloader is easy to control with a single lever.

Call one of our sales team on +46 (0)511 242 50 if you need further presentation of the tractor and Kellfri's large range of accessories such as loaders, trailers and other equipment to make your use of the tractor simpler, more comfortable and more effective.

The Lovol tractor is currently one of the biggest players in the 'smaller tractor' segment in Sweden, and we have so far sold more than 1,000 units over the years.

When purchasing: Loading ramp is required

More Information
Rear tyres 320/85 R24
Brakes Skivbromsar
Wheel drive 4WD
Double-acting shaft 2 st
Power at max. rpm 25,8 (35hk) vid 2350 v/min
Front tyres 260/70 R16
Speed PTO 540/1000 rpm
Wheelbase 1,805 mm
3-point linkage category 1,805 mm
Kraftuttak, effekt 15,98 Kw
Max. pulling force ≥ 86/1,650±100
Max. hydraulic pressure 17,5 Mpa
Engine 4-cylindrig
Pump capacity 36 l/min
Sporvidde Fram: 1243 mm, Bak: 1200 - 1400 mm
Steering Hydraulic
Operating weight 1,835 kg
Total height 2,415 mm
Volume amount of fuel 26 l
Turning radius with brakes 2,700 mm
Turning radius without brakes 3,000 mm
Gearbox 8F+8R