Waste bag, 3000 l

Big bag 2.4 x 1.3 x 1.0 m, perfect for carrying garden and construction site waste.

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Big bag - perfect for garden and construction site waste

Large and spacious sorting bag, 240 x 130 x 100 cm. Perfect for anyone removing garden waste in a car or on a trailer.

The waste bags are often used on construction sites or during renovation work instead of containers, they're the best way to sort and handle waste.

The lifting slings on the top and bottom mean the bag can be lifted with a wheel loader or tractor with pallet forks if you are moving heavier materials such as stones or gravel. The lifting slings at the top can also be used to keep the bag upright when it is being filled.

The width of the waste bag means it can easily be filled by machines with digger buckets.

Certified quality according to SF 5:1.