Earth auger

An earth auger is the ideal tool for drilling holes in the ground. The auger does the job for you when you want to erect fencing, fence posts or plinths around your farm or for your animals. Generally, a post or concrete plinth should sit deep in the ground so that it can stand stably and withstand all types of weather. By using an earth auger, you avoid the otherwise arduous work of digging by hand. An earth auger also works well when you want to plant plants or trees.

A manual earth auger can be used for most imaginable purposes. With an earth auger, you can easily drill holes for fencing around your horse, cattle or sheep pastures, or fences to keep wild animals out. An earth auger also lends itself well to drilling holes for concrete plinths, for example for building a balcony or patio.

An earth auger makes digging work easier, and gets the job done quickly and easily. To get fencing, fence posts or plinths in place, it is practical to use a post driver. With a post driver, you get the post into place easily and with minimal manual effort, and avoid hitting the post down by hand. Our post driver is fitted with vibration-resistant handles and a 83 mm sleeve which is effective and gentle on the material.

For our manual earth augers there are a large number of drill dimensions (ø 60 mm, ø 80 mm, ø 100 mm, ø 200 mm, ø 300 mm) so that you can easily find something that suits you and your particular needs. Our range includes powerful petrol driven earth augers equipped with a 52 cc engine to cope with drilling in most types of ground. You will also find all spare parts and accessories for your earth auger at Kellfri.

You will also find a practical petrol driven ice auger with the same technical functions as the earth auger. The ice auger ideal for making holes for ice fishing, for example.

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