Grassland harrow 4 m

Reversible, heavy-duty grassland harrow in three sections for careful cultivation of the substrate.

Grassland harrow, 4 metres wide with 4 rows of triangles.

• 4 m working width
• 4 rows of triangles
• Gentle and aggressive cultivation
• Increases grass growth
• Reduces tussock formation

Give your fields and pastures a flying start

The reversible grassland harrow offers both gentle and aggressive cultivation of the substrate. 4 rows of triangles for best results in loosening/aeration of fields and levelling of molehills, animal droppings, wild boar damage, etc.

The grassland harrow is also suitable for levelling pastures, paddocks, etc. The triangles are manufactured from durable cast iron and the frame and 3-point linkage have a powerful design to withstand the strain from the substrate.

Mechanically foldable for reduced transport width.

Increase production on pastures - a simple method and a profitable result

Did you know that: tilling and aerating grasslands improves the vegetation enormously. You achieve a profitable result with a simple method. You also avoid being left with old animal droppings, molehills and dead grass, which also inhibit the vegetation.

"I tear up the pasture every year, and in the spring you can see how the vegetation gets off to a much stronger start than before." /Hanna

The above result is what happens when you use a grassland harrow of the 'heavy-duty' model. The weight does the work, and you press the accelerator - it doesn't get any better or easier than this. If you turn the mat so that the spikes face downwards, the cultivation becomes more aggressive, which is recommended if you have a pasture with a lot of dead grass.

The grassland harrow is available in the following lengths:
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• Grassland harrow 4 metres
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Here you can see a film which shows how effectively the grassland harrow levels a field.

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Product no. 36-BH400