Rotary cultivator 1.35 m

Rotary cultivator for small tractors, incl. three-point linkage, oil and PTO drive shaft.

Efficient cultivator with low power requirement

• Working width 135 cm
• Chain in oil bath
• PTO drive shaft with shear pin
• Adjustable working depth
• Fitted with 28 blades for optimal cultivation

The TL135 rotary cultivator is an ideal cultivator for small tractors, designed for seed bed preparation by means of efficient cultivation.

The design of the machine, with gears in an oil bath, robust frame and sturdy blade attachment, guarantees safe operation. The working depth of the machine is adjusted by means of the side skids.

Supplied with PTO drive shaft with shear bolt, transmission oil, three-point linkage cat. 1.

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Product no. 31-TL135

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