Tipping trailers & Dumpers

We have tipping trailers, dump trailers, bulk dump trailers for small- and large-scale requirements. Your size and requirements vary depending on what you intend to use the trailer for and the nature of your farm or operations.

We have full control of the entire value chain, and in our range we have thought about your particular needs the whole way through. The growth of the range has been determined entirely by our customers' wishes.

For easy movement of your trailer, we also have machine trailers. Extend the range of uses of your trailer by equipping it with extension sides.

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  1. Maskintrailer 5 ton
    Maskintrailer 5 ton
    Braked machine trailer for easy transportation of your working machines.
  2. Minidumper 500 kg
    Minidumper 500 kg

    New! Pre-book the Minidumper 500 kg today!

  3. Tipping trailer, 2.5 tonnes
    Tipping trailer, 2.5 tonnes
    Tipping trailer that carries 2.5 tonnes with hydraulic tipping and powerful bogie.

3 Items

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