ATV Yard Harrow with adjustable chassis and tow

Practical and flexible yard harrow that cleans up your gravel paths and courtyards.

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Product no. 27-GH2UG

Yard harrow 1020 mm for ATV with adjustable chassis and tow

• Adjustable height of front and rear harrow
• Adjustable tow attachment that fits all types of towing vehicles
• Two frames for placing extra weights
• Adjustable height of the entire harrow
• Interchangeable tow coupling or pin / fork hitch

The yard harrow is a practical tool that you attach to your ATV or quad bike. The yard harrow cleans up, flattens out the ground, clears weeds and harrows in one and the same process. In other words, you get a tool that fulfils several purposes!

The yard harrow is most practical behind your ATV or quad bikes, but if you want you can tow it behind any vehicle. Thanks to the adjustable height of the tow bar and fork hitch which allows the tow bar to be adapted to any vehicle.

With interchangeable cutting blades and harrow tines

The yard harrow cleans weeds, harrows and flattens the ground. The front and rear harrows have adjustable height to be able to adapt for desired use and the ground bedding. In this way, the yard harrow is adapted for a variety of bedding materials. You can further customize the harrow by adjusting the height of the harrow chassis.

The harrow is also equipped with 6 cutting blades and 9 harrow tines which are mounted at the back. The harrow tines are 280 mm long. Kellfri’s yard harrow also has interchangeable tow coupling or a pin / fork hitch. The blades and tines are replaceable.

With frames for placing extra weight

If you are going to drive over rougher materials that need a little tougher processing, Kellfri’s yard harrow is equipped with two frames for placing weight boxes. By placing weights on the harrow, you can press down the harrow and, in this way, get deeper into the ground. The frames for the weight boxes are adapted for 25 L container.

Kellfri’s yard harrow is a tool with several functions that makes the job easier and provides a nice result!

The product requires assembly.

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