Strimmer ATV

Versatile strimmer for ATVs/quads. Strims effectively around posts and the like.

Cuts quickly and efficiently under fence wire

• Delivered with mounted motor 

• Cuts to the left and right 

• Easy replacement of trimmer wire 

• Powerful petrol motor 

• Easily adapted for different towing vehicles 

• Easy to maintain and service

Kellfri's strimmer is specially designed for efficient cutting alongside obstacles such as buildings, railings, trees and under electric fences. 

The machine is powered by a 6.5 hp petrol motor and supplies power to the cutting head via a centrifugal clutch and belt. The machine is put into left or right side position and retracts when it comes into contact with obstacles such as trees, fence posts etc., before returning to its original position. Cutting height is easily adjusted with support wheels. 

The cutter works with normal thick trimmer wire and is easy to replace. The tow bar offers numerous vertical and horizontal adjustment options for use with different towing vehicles, convenient transport mode makes moving between fields easy, supplied with 50 mm ball coupling. 

Supplied unassembled. Trimmer wire not included.

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Product no. 35-SR620