Road drag for ATV, 3-blade with electrical height adjustment function

Electrically height-adjustable road drag V16ATV.

Electrically height-adjustable road drag for ATV

Road drag V16ATV with stable construction and tow bar for your ATV. With a working width of 160 cm, the road drag is suitable for levelling out your driveways and gravel tracks. If you work in parks and streets, this road scraper is a good accessory for footpaths and courtyards.

The road drag has replaceable steel cutting edges and a hot-dip galvanised chassis, giving this stable ATV road drag efficiency and a long service life.

The height-adjustable wheels are simple to operate with a keypad on the handle of your ATV for a convenient working position. By adjusting the height of the wheels individually, you can adapt the scraping area for best results on your gravel track. The individually adjusted wheels make it easy for you to camber your track. If you camber your track, the water runs off more easily and you get a neat track in the long run.

With an adjusted tow bar you can also set the height against the vehicle doing the pulling, to give more or less pressure against the ground.

The road drag has a central section where you can add extra weights to give higher ground pressure in rougher terrain.

With three blades, you cultivate the ground several times, which gives you a smoother result. Efficient operation, which means that you save time and get a better result.

This road drag gives you a rolling effect on the gravel, and with two serrated blades you can cultivate hard tracks.

You adjust the harrow by means of buttons that you can put on your handlebar.

50 mm ball coupling.

Here you can see a film about our 3-blade road drags for ATV

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