ATV Road drag

A flexible road scraper to connect to your ATV.
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A flexible road scraper to connect to your ATV

• Working width 180 cm
• Steel length 193 cm
• Load box for half pallets

Grader with rotatable edge steel for ATV or small tractor, angled steel and individually adjustable wheels for grading road angles.

Powerful wheels, stable fully galvanised frame with load box for half pallet, 50 mm rotatable ball coupling.

Wheels adjustable 15 cm individually, making it easy to retract gravel verges into the road, scrape and level roads, courtyards and paddocks, etc.
More Information
Working width 1,800 mm
Wheels 4.80/4.00-8
Wheel width 1,600 mm
Length 1,950 mm
Weight 85 kg
  1. Dolly manual
    Dolly manual