Radio remote-controlled hydraulic winch, 1000 kg ATV grapple loader GL36 & GL42

Radio-controlled hydraulic winch for ATV grapple loader, 1,000 kg pulling force.

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Product no. 21-KW1000RV34

Complete direct-drive hydraulic winch for smaller forestry cranes

• With a pulling force of 1,000 kg
• a 17-metre long 5 mm wire with fitted winch hook

Swedish remote control unit for daily use in tough environments, range approx 17 m.
Great accessory for cranes when working with timber that is hard to reach.
This winch works well with Kellfri's 21-sv20 ATV trailer as well as other cranes on the market.
The valve block is not prepared for constant pressure systems such as the John Deere type.
Delivered with clamp brackets for winch and diverter pulley, hydraulic hoses, valve block attachment, valve block package and remote control unit.
A certain amount of customisation may be required.