Chipper 170, hydraulic infeed with pump and tank

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Product no. 13-WC17H2

Hydraulically fed chipper with high capacity

• Double infeed rollers

• Easy infeed speed control

• Double branch crushers

• Wood dimensions up to 17.5 cm. Boards and bushes to a width of 31 cm.

• Own hydraulic system with tank and PTO-operated pump

• Hydraulic infeed in four positions: stop, forwards, backwards and stop

• Emptying flap at the base – for cleaning and maintenance

• Transport mode that makes your transport operations safer and takes up less storage space

• Adjustable infeed speed

• Deep infeed hopper with stop lever

• Good accessibility for easy maintenance

• EN 13525:2020 approved

• PTO shaft with shear bolt supplied as standard

• Oil included

Own hydraulic system with tank and PTO-operated pump

Kellfri's WC17H Chipper for wood dimensions up to 17.5 cm, with heavy-duty cutting disc, hydraulic feeder rollers, pump and tank.

With its own hydraulic system, the chipper is ideal for operation at both PTO 540 rpm and 1000 rpm. The hydraulic system means that the chipper’s valves and system are not overloaded, regardless of your tractor’s rpm. Depending on the type of wood and materials to be chipped it can be a good idea, for the best chipping performance and capacity, to use as high a speed as possible. PTO 540 rpm is the minimum speed for good chipping, and the maximum speed is 1000 rpm.

If the logs and branches are wet, you should delimb most of the branches before using the chipper. If the material is dry, just go ahead and use it without delimbing. The chipper is fitted with a removable branch crusher as standard.

Adjustable infeed speed, powerful bearings, forward/reverse feeder roller functionality and deep infeed hopper for safe machine feeding. Adjustable discharge chute and ejection angle adjustment for even spreading or exact trailer filling.

Sturdy cutting disc with holes for maximum safety

Sturdy cutting disc with holes so that it can be locked for maximum safety during maintenance. Branch crusher for best results when chipping trees with branches. On the cutting disc there are 4 blades with double tempered cutting edges.

The chipper has an adjustable counter bar for desired chip size. It is important to set it to suit the blades on the cutting disc and for best results depending on the type of wood you have.

For maximum control, functionality and safety, infeed is done with a lever: stop, forwards, backwards and stop.

The ejector chute is generously sized, with an inner dimension of 18 cm. 

Spring loaded infeed rollers

Both the upper and lower infeed rollers have horizontal infeed patterns for the best possible grip on the logs that are being chipped. With thick logs, always start with the thin end, where the rollers can grip most easily. The infeed rollers are spring-loaded for maximum grip and infeed. Each roller is operated by its own hydraulic motor.

Splash protection in the infeed hopper. The infeed opening to the cutting disc is 18 x 31 cm.

Oil included. Check the oil level before first use.    

Toolkit for service and maintenance included.

The tool kit contains: Adjustable spanner, Allen key, socket 16, socket 17, socket handle, socket extension and measuring rod for knives.

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