Firewood conveyor

Do you handle a lot of firewood? If so, you know it can be an awkward, time-consuming job to carry the split wood to where you want it. Instead, save time and deal with the firewood efficiently with the aid of an affordable firewood conveyor. The firewood conveyors sold in our store are guaranteed to be reliable, simple to move and handle, and attractively priced. The engines are protected, and we can if necessary supply spare parts.

Without a firewood conveyor, you soon end up with a pile of wood where you split it, and you have to break off to move the split wood.

With a firewood conveyor, you can split for longer periods and you get the wood exactly where you want it - maybe in a firewood bulk bag attached to a stand, or maybe straight into the woodshed.

Choose your model on the basis of how far you need to convey your firewood - and bear in mind that these conveyors can also have other uses. For example, they can be a good means of transporting tiles, or vegetables in connection with rough thinning.

Our firewood conveyor with tracks is built for a long service life in our Nordic climate. We sell them with generous warranty conditions and free delivery.

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