Firewood splitters

Are you tired of spending loads of time and effort on firewood processing? If so, you should have a look at the firewood splitters in our wide range. A dependable firewood splitter is really cheap in relation to the benefit it offers. The alternative is often splitting the firewood with an axe, which tends to become unsustainable with slightly higher volumes. A log splitter also makes it easy to process large quantities of timber at one and the same time.

Wide range of firewood splitters

We have the right firewood splitters for you: small and electric-powered or tractor-driven. Choose your firewood splitter on the basis of the splitting force and splitting length you need. If you burn the wood for heating purposes, it's good to have a substantial splitting length. The necessary

splitting force is determined primarily by the thickness of the timber.

Of course, if your main requirement is wood for the fireplace, you can get by with a smaller and cheaper firewood splitter than if you heat a property using a wood-burning stove with a capacity of 1 m of firewood. Choose between a two-way and a four-way splitting wedge, depending on how many logs you want to split at a time. With certain models, you can switch between both options and split either two or four logs at a time.

If you produce firewood for sale, you can also find suitable firewood splitters at a good price here at Kellfri. Our firewood splitters are easy to move around. This is a big advantage when you need to deal with larger sizes of timber. With a tractor-driven firewood splitter you don't even need to transport the timber home in order to deal with it. You split it right there in the forest after cutting it. It could hardly be more convenient.

Carefully selected quality products

Have a look at a firewood splitter test and compare the models we sell with others on the market today. If you buy firewood splitters from Kellfri, you can be completely confident that you are buying guaranteed quality products that acquit themselves extremely well in competition with other firewood splitters. You will also find spare parts for the firewood splitters we sell, which gives the machines and extra-long service life.

If you chop your own wood, you save a great deal of time by using a good firewood splitter from Kellfri. It's also safer and kinder to the body than splitting firewood with an axe, no matter how skilled you are. People joke that a dependable firewood splitter does everything but light the fire!

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