Timber grapple for frontloaders, bolted Trima attachment

Powerful timber grapple for frontloaders, bolted Trima attachment.

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Product no. 16-TGRBT

Kellfri's timber grapple makes handling round timber easier, bolted Trima attachment 

• Extremely robust design

• Bolted Trima attachment 

• Rounded design for fine timber bundling

• Powerful hydraulic cylinder

• Makes timber handling easier

Hydraulic timber grapple for frontloaders with very powerful design. Rounded back in combination with a powerful claw and hydraulic cylinder ensure that the logs are rolled into the grapple without any problems. Makes it easier to handle timber for the firewood machine, sawmill or for stacking.

The timber grapple is powder-coated for a strong wear surface. The construction is very robust with lubricable joints and sliding bearings.

Supplied with ½” quick coupling male hydraulic hoses and bolted Trima attachment.