Minidumper, electric

Electric tracked vehicle which is ideal where your bigger vehicles can't reach.

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The little electric tracked vehicle for those big jobs!

• High ground clearance
• Track/caterpillar wheels
• Load capacity 320 kg
• Operating time approx. 2 hours
• Charging time approx. 8-10 hours (charger included)

Makes light work of the toughest jobs! This electric minidumper gets through where large vehicles don't. With its high ground clearance it gets through difficult terrain, around obstacles, over obstacles and in enclosed spaces.

A practical tracked vehicle for transporting gravel, sawdust, earth, building material, fertiliser, etc. Only the imagination limits what you can load onto this generously-dimensioned floor surface.

With floor locking and detachable flaps.

Gears: forward/reverse, low/high.

Easy-to-understand control panel.

You can look at the minidumper's job from two points of view.
1. Either you trade up from a normal wheelbarrow, which you often load too heavily and get punctures, and it's an enormous strain on the body to push an overloaded wheelbarrow. Avoid back pain, strained wrists and time-consuming jobs. Just charge up, and off you go. You can drive for about 2 hours with a fully-charged battery. In this way, you get a motorised caterpillar wheelbarrow. Charger included.
2. Or you use it to supplement bigger machines, so that you can get in close in restricted spaces. To make the minidumper even more versatile, the floor can be made wider and there are detachable flaps.

Charging time approx. 8-10 hours. Charger included.

The machine is ideal for agriculture, contract work, gardening or jobs in the stables, thanks to the low noise level.

Because the minidumper is fitted with track/caterpillar wheels, it is gentle on the ground, and does not break anything or get stuck. The tracked vehicle can also be reversed in low or high gear.

Track/caterpillar wheels are gentle on the ground.

Work light.

• The load capacity is 320 kg on level ground, so that you can load a whole lot of material at the same time.
• At a gradient of 15° the maximum load is 150 kg, which is really a lot.
• Easily removable flaps
• Max gradient is 20° unloaded and 15° loaded

Don't hesitate – you and your minidumper will be an unbeatable team who get the most work done in no time at all.

More Information
Floor dimensions L x W x D: 1,110 x 630 x 210 mm
Operating speed Max 5 km/h
L x W x H 1,650 x 700 x 1,110 mm
Max. load On level ground: 320 kg
15° gradient: 150 kg
20° gradient: must not be driven with load
Tip Manual
Weight 222 kg