Dozer blade 2.3 metres including wheels

Mid-range dozer blade with a very powerful design and wheels.

Dozer blade with powerful blade with five fixed working angles

• Working width 2.75 m incl. side wing
• Easy to attach to the tractor's three-point linkage
• The blade can be rotated through 360° by pulling out a pin and rotating the blade to the desired angle
• The blade can be adjusted to five different working angles
• Replaceable wear steel, side wing, brackets for support wheels and lifting arm pins as standard

Kellfri's 230 dozer blade is a large mid-range blade with a powerful design and a total working width of 2.75 metres including a side wing. The side wing helps to push the snow out into the ditch. The wing is easy to put on and take off for different tasks. When the wing is not mounted the working width is 2.3 m.

The blade can be set easily and quickly at five different working angles by pulling out a pin and turning the blade to the required angle. Rotates through 360 degrees when used on a tractor. This enables forward and backward ploughing. Facilitates, for example, working in reverse at crossroads, in courtyards and parking areas where snow must be cleared and piled up.

The support wheels are easy to fit with a pin and adjust for the correct working height and blade angle when clearing snow on unfrozen ground, dragging gravel roads and other adjustment work. The dozer blade boom is permanently attached to the three-point linkage.

The blade is equipped with replaceable wear steel, side wing, brackets for support wheels and lifting arm pins as standard.

Supplied unassembled.

A large mid-range dozer blade.

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Product no. 37-230SH