Strimmer on wheels

Strimmer to make the job easier and give professional results

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An efficient strimmer that gives your grass verges a uniform look

• Adjustable strimming depth with 6 positions
• Ergonomic equipment
• Updated with Euro 5 motor
• Petrol-driven, single-cylinder, 4-stroke
• Adjustable front and rear wheels

A strimmer that gives your grass verges a uniform look

Let the expert loose on your grass verges – Kellfri's Strimmer!
Grass verges most often border on gravel paths, courtyards or similar surfaces. Grass and weeds grow fast and vigorously during the spring, summer and late summer. So the verges require ongoing maintenance to stop the grass growing over them.

Kellfri's strimmer, with its efficient triple-edged cutting blade that cuts through grass, earth and gravel, does the job for you and saves you from blistered hands and an aching back. Maintaining the verges gives your garden and gravel paths a uniform, tidy look.

Adapt the strimmer to your garden

Simply drive the wheels along the grass verge and the blade aligns perfectly to cut the verge back. The wheels are height-adjustable so that you can easily adapt them to the height of the verge. The two front tyres can be adjusted laterally, depending on the terrain and the need for stability. The rear tyres are height-adjustable, for example on high verges.

The cutting depth is easy to adjust using the control handle's lever with a total of 6 positions. The height of the wheels can also be adjusted. This adjustment is made on the strimmer's chassis. The angle of the cutting blade can be adjusted 15 degrees to the left or right.

The strimmer has a safety lock which must be held down in order to operate the blade. This enhances safety during operation. The engine stops when the yellow safety lock on the handlebar is released. 

Tip! In the horticulture industry, the strimmer also works well as a grooving machine for boundary wire for robotic grass mowers.

As with all Kellfri products, it is important to follow the safety information and instruction manual, and to use common sense. This will enable you to use your strimmer with pleasure for many years.

More Information
Diameter Blade 228 mm
Power 2,85 kW
Blades Angle -15°, 15°, +15°
Engine Euro 5, petrol-driven, single-cylinder, 4-stroke
Thickness Blade 2,5 mm
Weight 28 kg