Get tidy grass verges with a petrol-driven strimmer.
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Versatile strimmer for neat grass verges

• Weight 32 kg
• Strimming depth 0-76 mm
• Blade 228 mm ø
• Single-cylinder 4-stroke engine
• Height-adjustable wheels

This petrol-driven strimmer tidies up grass verges so that they look as if a professional has been at work.

Cut straight through grass and gravel to produce a neat edge.

Forget about hoes, bent backs and blistered hands. This machine cuts straight through the job.

Triple-edged blade for best results.

Blade adjustable 15° in both directions.

Simply drive the wheels along the grass verge and the blade aligns perfectly to cut the verge back. The wheels are height-adjustable so that you can easily adapt them to the height of the verge.

Two wheels for stable operation.

Height-adjustable wheels.

Watch a video about how to get tidy grass verges with our strimmer.

More Information
Engine Single-cylinder 4-stroke
Weight 32 kg