Yard harrow ATV

Deep-cultivating yard harrow which removes weeds easily and harrows at the same time.
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Remove weeds easily and harrow at the same time!

• 5 cutting blades
• Working width 105 cm
• 9 double raking tines
• 50 mm ball coupling

Deep-cultivating yard harrow for garden tractors or ATVs.

Deep-cultivating powder-coated yard harrow if you want to do more than just work on the surface.

The harrow has 5 cutting blades which work before the raking tines.

For tougher cultivation, you can easily put weights on the frames on top of the harrow to make the blades and raking tines cultivate more deeply.

Supplied with a 50 mm ball coupling.
More Information
Working width 1,050 mm
Harrow tines 9 double
L x W x H 1,400 x 1,120 x 3,100 mm
Weight 44 kg