Feeder box for horses, SlowFeeder

Smart and popular horse feeder box for healthy feed intake.

The SlowFeeder feeder box increases the horse's well-being and reduces feed waste

• Increases the horse's well-being through the slow intake of haylage
• Easy to fill and clean
•  60 mm wide feed openings
• Fillable up to 10 kg depending on the hay structure and compression
• Made of 100% HDPE plastic

Slow feeding - a beneficial intake of hay

The SlowFeeder feeder box is suitable for all types of horses that are fed with haylage.

The coarse mesh above the hay ensures the intake of feed is slower, stable and more natural. The hay is pushed up through the mesh as the horse eats.

An approximate doubling of the feeding time results in a slow intake, which can contribute to the increased well-being of the horse through, e.g., fewer behavioural and digestive problems.

The feeder box is easy to fill. Pulling the mesh frame out from the side creates a large opening from above allowing easy filling using a pitchfork. The mesh frame also helps to keep the feed in place. This results in greatly reduced feed waste and the less risk of the feed being trampled on . 

The hay dust that usually remains at the bottom is now sifted down onto the floor through the perforated base plate. This also makes it possible to feed wet or damp hay, as excess water can easily run out of the feeder box.

The feeder box is easy to clean thanks to its drying-friendly plastic design and easily accessible surfaces.

The feeder box comes in a green finish. Some of the pictures show the feeder box in black.

Floor or wall mounting kits are available as accessories, sold separately.

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