Moveable gate with opening

Galvanised moveable gate with opening that you combine with moveable gate of your choice.

Moveable gate with opening – so that you can easily get in and out of the pen

• Increases safety, as you can quickly get in and out of the pen when you are working with the animals.
• It is easier to get in and out of the pen if you can go through an opening
• Substantial passage dimensions, 120 cm width and 220 cm height, no risk of getting stuck or hitting the frame

There is always a certain risk of injury when working with livestock – some of the most common causes include butting, kicking and trampling. Using openings to be able to get easily or quickly in or out of a pen means that you don't have to hop over or crawl through the gate.

Kellfri's system of movable gates can be complemented with gate sections that have hinged openings. The hinged opening is substantial in size, which means that you won't get stuck trying to get in or hit your head on the frame. Locking pin on the opening.

Gate system

A flexible gate system with moveable, stable gates making it easy to erect collection pens, herding paths, stalls, pens, convalescence pens or screened-off areas.

In winter the gates can be used to construct rest sites or as fittings in a loose housing barn. Because the gate has legs, it sinks a little into deep straw bedding, for example, making it even more stable. The gates are easily connected together with a lock chain.

Smart design in every detail

The gates are solidly constructed with tubular piping which provides an extra strong structure and enables the gate to withstand the pressure of even large and heavy animals.

Rounded corners to prevent injury to animals if they try to escape. Straight tubular piping at the bottom so that the gate stands stably on a solid surface.

The gates are simple to connect together with a chain lock, which facilitates fast and secure connection.

The gates are galvanised for a long service life.
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Product no. 25-300158D
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