Three-point linkage frame for 1.7 m harrow mat

With its three-point linkage frame, it is easy to connect the harrow mat to your tractor.

Now you can connect the harrow mat to your tractor!

The 3-point linkage frame for Cat. 1 or 2 to which the harrow mat is mounted gives you even more functionality from your harrow mat.

• You will be able to lift the mat and back into corners.

• The 3-point linkage frame helps you to press the mat into the ground.

The 3-point linkage frame has a black powder coating finish.

With the harrow mat, you can:

• Harrow the paddock

• Rake the courtyard

• Aerate the grass in the fields in the spring

• Spread out dung on pastureland

• Level out earth mounds made by voles and moles

• Dethatch moss

• Aerate tired lawns

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Product no. 36-HM3P170