Rear mounted strimmer for the tractors three point linkage

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Product no. 35-HKK

The fencing wire specialist

• Powerful blades

• Hydraulic side shift adjustment

• Large number of possible settings

• Powerful spring-loaded cutting disc

• On three-point linkage back

Extremely powerful strimmer for tractor's three-point linkage.

With hydraulic side shift adjustment, as well as spring-loaded cutting disc for effective cutting under fences and close to buildings, railings and road verges. The guard plate hits the posts and springs back out of the way to return to its starting position, ensuring a close cut around the post.

Robust abradable blades that can cope with the toughest vegetation and robust guard plate at base prevents blades from hitting the ground.

Many adjustment options available to cope with different tractor sizes.

The strimmer requires one single-acting, one return and one double-acting hydraulic outlet on the tractor. Requires some customer assembly.

Hydraulic motor from Parker 23cc with depressurized (0 Bar) tank connection and output for free return. This means that you need to ensure that your carrier/tractor has a connection so that the drain from the hydraulic motor can go directly to your carrier/tractor's hydraulic oil tank. The connection must be pressure free - (0 Bar).

You can watch a film about our flexible strimmer here

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