Wind shelter 6 x 6 m incl. loop leg gates

Protect your livestock against insects, sun, wind and precipitation.

Wind shelter with arched roof

• The wind shelter measures 6 x 6 m, and because of its large depth it remains dry deep inside even if it is snowing or raining across the entrance.
• The height is 4 m at the highest point
• 3 enclosed sides
• Hard-wearing 600 g/m² fabric covering the roof and 3 sides

Complete wind shelter with loop leg gates, which can be used as an open shed for grazing horses or cattle or as a storage tent. It gives the animals protection against insects and the sun in summer and against wind and precipitation in winter.

Why use an open shed/wind shelter?

• Protects your animals from sun, wind and rainfall
• Protects your animals from insects
• Low investment costs compared with an insulated building
• Reduced workload compared with stabled livestock
• Good animal health
• The animals have few restrictions, if any, on their natural behaviour

What are the advantages of an arched roof?

• The wind cannot get hold of the rounded shape
• Rainwater does not collect on an arched roof
• Snow falls off an arched roof

How should the wind shelter be sited?

• This depends on how it is to be used – if you want to offer shade and protection against insects, the opening should face towards the north-east
• For winter use, it should preferably be on high ground, to allow precipitation to run off
• The opening should be in the direction least exposed to wind

Delivery and assembly

The delivery includes: Steel arches for the roof structure, 6 Kellfri loop leg gates, 600 g/m² PVC fabric cover, brackets, rope, bolts, nuts and 12 galvanised ground pegs.

The wind shelter is delivered unassembled. When the wind shelter is delivered to you, you must be at home to receive and unload it.

The Swedish Board of Agriculture [Jordbruksverket] gives the following regulations for keeping and grazing horses and cattle outdoors


"If your horse is outdoors for more than 16 hours per day during the cold period of the year, it must have 24-hour access to an open shed or other building which gives it protection against wind and weather. The horse must also have access to a clean, dry place to lie down.

An open shed for horses should normally consist of three walls and a roof. The open long side should normally face south".


"If your cattle are outdoors for twelve hours or longer per day during the cold period of the year, they must have access to an open shed or other housing which gives protection against wind and weather, and a clean, dry place to lie down.

An open shed is a housing with space for free range animals to lie down. The animals must not be kept locked in the shed, but must be able to decide for themselves when they want to use it. An open shed for cattle should normally consist of three walls and a roof. The open long side should face south.

If an open shed does not have an open side, it should have several openings. This is so that high-ranking animals do not prevent other animals from going in or out of the open shed, which can happen if the shed has only one small opening.

If you have joined a monitoring programme for outwintering animals which the Swedish Board of Agriculture has approved, you may keep your cattle outdoors without access to an open shed".

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