Backhoe digger for ATV

Mini-excavator for ATVs with 10 hp petrol motor and bucket with grapple attachment.

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Product no. 26-GAATV2

Mini-excavator for ATVs with 10 hp petrol motor and bucket with grapple attachment

• Mini-excavator with 10 hp petrol motor

• 2 metres excavation depth

• Incl. serrated bucket 23 cm wide

• The bucket includes a grapple attachment that makes picking up stones an easier job 

• Oil included

The backhoe digger for ATVs is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of ground jobs where space is limited, in cramped spaces, on hilly terrain or through narrow passages. The operator can control the excavator with ultra precision thanks to its small size and smooth movements. This allows you to excavate in a precise location without damaging surrounding areas or plants.

The backhoe digger has been upgraded with an even stronger structure on the digger arm and reinforced chassis.  It can be used for digging up stones, waste, trees or soil, digging ditches, levelling ground or even clearing snow.

Compact, well-constructed backhoe digger for ATVs with its own power source

The compact, well-constructed backhoe digger with its own power source in the form of a 10 hp petrol motor with recoil starter. This makes the machine self-sufficient and requires no external power supply to operate. A mini-excavator for ATVs is often less expensive than a larger excavator or tractor, making it a more cost-efficient alternative for smaller projects. A mini-excavator is also less dependent on fuel and maintenance than a larger excavator.

The mini-excavator is equipped with a 23 cm wide serrated bucket that can dig down to a depth of 2 metres. The bucket includes a grapple attachment that makes picking up stones easier, making it ideal for groundwork that requires accuracy and precision.
To make excavation work easier, the machine is equipped with a two-lever hydraulic valve that makes excavation easy and smooth. During excavation work, the mini-excavator can be moved using the digger arm/bucket to push or pull the machine forward or backward.

The mini-excavator is easy to transport with an ATV or another vehicle with a 50 mm ball coupling

The mini-excavator has wheels for moving behind an ATV or another vehicle with a 50 mm ball coupling. When moving the mini-excavator, mount the wheels on the digger arm side to give the machine complete mobility during transport. Before excavation work, move the wheels to the motor side instead and place the stabilisers on the digger arm side.

The GAATV2 backhoe digger is available in two versions, with or without a cab. If you’re interested in a mini-excavator with a cab that protects you from rain, snow, wind or sun, you can read more about the GAATV2PRO Backhoe Digger here.

Oil included. Check the oil level before first use.    


Product requires assembly. Once assembled, it will be a reliable and efficient machine that can be used for a wide range of groundwork where space is at a premium.


Backhoe digger for ATVs – Technical information:

• 4-stroke motor, 10 hp

• Fuel: Petrol

• Starter: Tow bar

• Angle of rotation: Horizontal 122°, Vertical 120°

• Excavation depth: 2,000 mm

• Range: 2,608 m

• Tipping height: 2,240 mm

• Load capacity without counterweight: 180 kg

• Load capacity with counterweight: 326 kg

• Bucket tilt: 45°

• Max. height: 1,475 mm

• 4 double-acting hydraulic cylinders

• Motor oil capacity: approx. 1 l

• Hydraulic oil capacity: 14.6 l

• Total length: 4,702 mm

• Width of support: 2,042 mm

• Width of main frame: 1,062 mm

• Minimum width in transport mode: 1,863 mm

• Weight: 474 kg

• 23 cm bucket including stone stop included

• Wheels and supports interchangeable for transport

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