Salt Spreaders and Sand Spreaders

A sand spreader for ATVs is perfect for good ice clearing. It prevents both injuries and loss of production, and isn't something you should skimp on. You don't need particularly advanced equipment to succeed with this - a standard model of sand spreader or salt spreader for ATVs goes a long way. We also have models you can operate with a tractor or car. If you need to sand pedestrian walkways or slightly narrower footpaths, a hand-operated gritter may be an alternative. They are all manufactured from weather-resistant material, with a robust design for the longest possible service life.

A sand spreader for ATVs is sold with levers with which you can control the amount of sand you want to spread with a simple movement and adapt it to your requirements.

Estimate the size of the areas you will need to sand or salt, and choose a model with the right hopper size to suit your needs. In our range you will also find accessories and spare parts for sand spreaders for ATVs.

We have lengthy experience of products in this segment, and a range of salt and sand spreaders for ATVs where both house owners and farmers can be sure to find the right model.

A salt spreader for ATVs is sold with functions that also make it suitable for use as a fertiliser spreader. In other words, we're talking about a flexible tool with many different uses.

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  • {"id":"b-32-S230","name":"Gritter 1.0 m, ATV","category":"ATV equipment/Riding course ATV/Spreaders","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-32-S232","name":"Gritter 1.0 m, ATV with agitator","category":"ATV equipment/Grasslands ATV/Spreaders","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-33-JMATV","name":"Salt & fertiliser spreader ATV","category":"ATV equipment/Grasslands ATV/Spreaders","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-33-JM40","name":"Salt and fertiliser spreader 40 kg ATV","category":"ATV equipment/Grasslands ATV/Spreaders","price":"0"}