Chicken wire

Here at Kellfri you will find chicken wire both galvanised and made of plastic. By using chicken wire, you ensure that your chickens and poultry are kept in a safe environment that protects the animals and makes sure they don't escape, while keeping hungry predators such as foxes and badgers out. Chicken wire can also be put to good use to protect newly-planted trees, bushes and other vegetation.

Chicken wire makes it easy for you to plan and build freely, using your own imagine and taste on the basis of your poultry's requirements. By adding chicken wire you can extend the area where the hens already are, and chicken wire also functions as an addition to chicken runs. Bear in mind that it is equally important to provide the hens with a house so that they have somewhere to retreat to at night as it is for them to have access to an outside run during the daytime.

Steel chicken wire can be cut to size and adapted freely, both in shape and in size, for example to function as an outdoor run for an existing hen house or chicken run. Maybe you want to give your hens the opportunity to explore new territory, or let them run over larger areas? If so, chicken wire is a really good option.

In our chicken wire range you will find wires in different mesh sizes and materials, both simple chicken wire in galvanised steel, which stands up to the strains of the weather without being damaged, and chicken wire in wire mesh with stable, easily visible plastic pins. The wire mesh is fully compatible for connection to a power unit for added safety.

It is recommended that you build a chicken run in such a way as to keep predators out while ensuring that your hens and poultry cannot injure themselves. Make sure, too, that the wire is always stretched, so that you reduce the risk of the hens slipping out at loose places.

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