Animal Husbandry

Products especially for those of you who run cattle farms, or keep horses, sheep or poultry. Livestock housing fixtures, feed fronts and feeders for both small- and large-scale use. Movable gates for temporary pastures for separation or convalescence. Wind shelters which simplify livestock management, and posts and fences are also part of the wide range of products we offer.

Everything you need inside the livestock housing, such as feed troughs, water troughs, hooks, buckets, bottles, brushes etc. can also be bought from us. This makes us your total supplier in the field of livestock management.
Our horse product range also includes paddock harrows, jump packages, jump trailers, horse exercisers, transport head ropes, livestock cameras, forks, brooms, shovels and much, much more.

We also have chicken wire, hen houses, chicken runs, dog runs, dog kennels, dog cages, feeders and wind shelters especially designed for sheep handling.

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