Stroke harvester & accessories

Kellfri stroke harvesters for forest owners who see the advantages of carrying out their own clearing work. Thinning increases growth in the forest, and with your own stroke harvester you can split the thinning over several years and choose which trees are saved or thinned out. It gives you more control over thinning grades, stand edges, access roads etc.

You minimise damage to the ground and you can operate when the time is right. When operating the stroke harvester you sit comfortably inside the cabin during hazardous work stages and avoid the heavy work by dragging together and delimbing the trees with the saw. The stroke harvester gives you greater efficiency and makes working in the forest safer.

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  • {"id":"b-21-STM400RV","name":"Radio remote control for stroke harvester","category":"Forest & Firewood","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-21-STM400.100","name":"Stroke harvester","category":"Forest & Firewood/Stroke harvester & accessories","price":"0"}
  • {"id":"b-21-HP8080","name":"Tractor-driven hydraulic system","category":"Forest & Firewood/Stroke harvester & accessories","price":"0"}